Holiday Shopping for FPCA!

Would you like to be able to fight the crowds this season and benefit our church at the same time?  Escrip has made it a lot easier to shop online to donate a portion of your purchases (up to 16%) WITHOUT REGISTERING ANY CREDIT CARDS!

Its very simple.  Just click hereescripand start shopping.  All you need to do is give them your name and email address.  Also we will have this link on our website that you can go to and click through to directly start shopping as you would normally.  You can use any gift card or credit card to pay.  Do you shop at Amazon?  Please go through our Escrip link first and the church will earn 1.2% for all purchases.  If we all put just a little effort in and do our part while shopping online, our church will benefit a lot at no extra cost to you! Maybe you don’t buy many things, but like to travel.  Many travel websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, car rental companies and are part of the online mall.

Do you have a business that you make purchases for?  Office Max/Office Depot are also in this program, as well as Apple and Dell.

So next time you go to shop online, think about God first and your church and shop through the link above.

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