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Lent V- Friday

God wants us to be busy and such but, what God really wants to share with us is love. We often think God demands a hundred other things from us: our money, our time, our effort, our will, our obedience. However, when we really love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, and mind Read More »

Lent V- Thursday

The forces against us are far more dangerous than we can see or imagine. I think we expect that when we are walking in God’s will that we won’t face any hardship because of it. I know the Bible doesn’t say that, but a part of me feels that should be true. However, we should Read More »

Lent V- Wednesday

Why is it that in books and movies the image of heaven feels like it’s missing something? I think it’s because all we see is architecture. But that’s not how we’re introduced to the New Heaven and Earth in the Bible. It’s a relationship; they are described joining together like a bride and groom. All Read More »

Lent V-Tuesday

Our actions don’t earn us merit with God, but they tell us why we live a certain way. Work alone does not give us salvation; salvation has to proceed from faith in Jesus Christ. However, we are all equipped from the moment we are born with these incredible tools for living. It is only when Read More »

Lent V-Monday

Jesus didn’t have the hardest time with people who sinned, but the people who thought they could control sin. We would think that being in control of our lives would offer this incredible sense of peace and well-being, but when we strive for more control we find the opposite is true. When we take the Read More »

Lent IV- Friday

The fear of punishment and promise of rewards don’t have long lasting effects on changing people. That’s why Jesus invites us to share His life in a different way. It’s not about tweaking our behavior, but a new life entirely. Where Jesus makes the greatest impact on us is on the inside, because that’s where Read More »

Lent IV-Thursday

Somehow we got confused in thinking it’s risky to personally to share the good news about Jesus by going door to door so people come to our church. That may make us feel uncomfortable, but it’s not risky. The greater risk is love. It’s risky to love someone because we have made ourselves vulnerable and Read More »

Lent IV-Wednesday

I saw this bumper sticker “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” It sounds nice and does convey the truths that we are not perfect and forgiveness does not depend upon our perfection. However, the entire Gospel message becomes how do we deal with sin. The emphasis is fire insurance and is primarily concerned with where we Read More »

Lent IV- Tuesday

Sometimes we think there is a ratio between blessings and sin. If you are a good person then good things will happen to you, and if bad things happen it’s because you’re sinful. We want to know that if we do the right things only goodness will follow us all the days of our lives. Read More »

Lent IV- Monday

The way Jesus presented salvation in the New Testament is far more compelling than sometimes how it gets explained today. I often hear it explained only in terms of the ending, but not the whole the story. The crucifixion didn’t happen at the beginning of Jesus ministry. Jesus was offering new life and forgiving sins Read More »