The Church is described in the Bible not as structure, but as a people-The Body of Christ. What this means is that the church is a living and growing body. We have a 150 year legacy of serving Jesus Christ in Alameda. We have celebrated our faith in Jesus Christ throughout the generations by laughing, learning, supporting, and praying for one another. First Presbyterian of Alameda is where people are equipped to be followers of Jesus in their families, jobs, schools, and anywhere God leads them.

We are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. First Presbyterian welcomes everyone no matter where they are on their spiritual journey: from skeptics, to those who are curious about Christian faith, to people who are looking for a new church home. What unites us is our belief that the grace of Jesus Christ is for everyone.

Our foundation is in the Presbyterian Tradition which emphasizes grace is the way we have a relationship with God and others. We are led by our Session who are the elected Elders of the congregation, and served by our Board of Deacons.

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